Today you have your clients in your house. Yes that can be convenient as you are at home. Your studio can be in a bedroom, spare room or even a basement. Having folk traipsing through your house, disregarding your privacy and drinking your coffee can be off putting but you need somewhere to work that’s affordable. There is frequently though the challenge of good acoustic, proper isolation and the expense of purchasing the hardware and software needed.

BUNKER on Paulina is your answer

Fully stocked with computer based programs, monitoring and acoustical isolation to the highest professional standard and clients not in your house. You will be able to control your sessions and focus your artist’s workflow whilst not worrying about the cost and upkeep of your gear.


You need the time to experiment, to explore many effects and sounds both acoustical and electronic in nature. You may have the same challenges as the home engineer and having people constantly needing you to tone down the noise or change the beat can be distracting.

BUNKER on Paulina is your answer

Our Music Production Center (MPC) combined with an 88 note piano weighted midi keyboard controller offer multiple input capabilities. Alongside the hardware, the program and sound library software from all the leading companies will give you options without the vast expense of purchase and upgrade.


You need a professional environment to entertain your clients. Your house or office is comfortable but having clients there is not always the best idea. Keyboard and PC have the tracks arranged, all you need is the proper place to entertain professional music people to explore, discuss and confirm your work ideas. You may want to record and mix too.

BUNKER on Paulina is your answer

Professional environment, state of the art recording, all the hardware and software you require offering the best to your artists. Housed within a major recording facility but with a unique identity that will give professionalism you need.


Being centrally located is great but the home can be less than ideal as a classroom. One to one or small group teaching can become difficult at home but how can you best accommodate those students?

BUNKER on Paulina is your answer

We have all the major computer based software programs installed and kept upgraded. The space and atmosphere is ideal for one on one or small groups. If you are an instrumental teacher then the playback and record options offer additional dimensions to your lessons.


There are so many times when a band or artist requires a venue for auditions and try outs. The options are frequently someone’s house or an expensive venue.

BUNKER on Paulina is your answer

Those coming for the audition will know how serious you are. They are coming to a professional studio. However, you are not paying over the top prices to create the atmosphere you wish to portray. Finding the right person may require going through any number of candidates. Here at the BUNKER you will be able to track each audition and record the hopefuls.


BUNKER on Paulina is your answer

Whatever your need and requirement might be, there is an option that is extremely cost effective. The BUNKER on Paulina provides a professional environment in a professional facility with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to conduct your business.

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